10 Must Have Plugins For A Woocommerce Store

10 must have plugins for a woocommerce store

Willing to build an eCommerce store? You must have your eyes on 10 must have plugins for a Woocommerce store that alters the landscape of user experience and deliver mesmerizing online journey for the user.

Selecting a useful plugin is important because at the end of the day; plugins contribute to the growth of the store.

In this blog, we are going to help you with 10 must-have plugins for a woocommerce store that helps you in the long and short run, and are worth investing in.

Without wasting any more time, let’s take a deep dive into the list of 10 Must Have Plugins For A Woocommerce Store.

10 Must Have Plugins For A Woocommerce Store:

1) WooCommerce Multi-Currency:

We all agree all breads cannot be baked in one oven, right? The same goes for the Woocommerce website. If your store is serving multiple countries, differing in regards to languages and currencies, the multi-currency plugin helps in enabling your audience to choose the currency in which they want to see the pricing. Cool, right?

2) WooSlider Products Slideshow:

Afraid that your audience won’t scroll down to have a look at all products at your shop? Well, brush away this fear because WooSlider is here. This plugin allows you to showcase your products in the form of slides. Stylish sliders grab the attention of the audience and make them have a look at products, which you wish to showcase.

3) Quick View:

Who doesn’t love a quick view? Well, almost everyone! WooCommerce Quick View plugin helps your audience to look at a clearer picture of the product, without leaving the page. This cut down the hassle of opening several tabs and later ends up buying nothing. This adds to the user experience and hence supports business.

4) WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists:

In this digital era, if we compare the efficiency and hard work together, efficiency is the winner. Even if you try to go completely paperless, invoices aren’t going to spare you like this. However, this plugin has eased the problem. It helps you in generating both types of invoices; minimizing your workload to a huge extent.

5) Dynamic Pricing:

Willing to grab loyal customers? Dynamic Pricing got you covered! You know how? This plugin helps you in giving discounts to the customers who are loyal customers of your online store. It keeps a track of how frequently a customer buys, which category they prefer, and which particular actions a customer takes on your website.

6) Stripe:

Multiple payment methods grab a wider chunk of the audience. This is because every customer prefers different payment methods. This feasibility for the audience also adds more points to the user experience and helps in growing sales of the brand. Investing in a stripe plugin is worth the money and is trustworthy.

7) Shipment Tracking:

The biggest challenge of online shopping is to know the exact time of day when your package is going to arrive. This has also been resolved by the shipment tracking plugin, which constantly updates the buyer about where their package has arrived. This makes a customer satisfied and they do not hesitate while shopping again.

8) Checkout Field Editor

Customized packages are the best! At times, a buyer wishes to give certain information to the individual delivering package. This plugin enables the buyer to leave certain instructions to the company or order notes. This makes a customer happy and they enjoy shopping from your online platform. Hence, Checkout Field Editor is a must-have!

9) Product Add-Ons

Online businesses that offer customized products like customized tees, customized jewelry, and other products need a product add-on plugin. woocommerce does not support customers adding details to their orders. However, plugins like product add-ons empower the audience to let the brand know about any extra requirements in their order.

10) WooCommerce Waitlist:

Who wishes to lose a customer? No one! But what if you run out of stock?

With the help of the waitlist, you can send an alert to the buyer when the product is restocked. This reduces the chances of your buyer going to your competitor. Whenever you restock the products, your customer will be notified and will surely make a purchase from you!


The above-shared list of 10 must-have plugins for a Woocommerce store is the most consumed plugins by the store owners. Plugins ease the experience of the user and help the brand growing in the longer run. These are the 10 Must Have Plugins For A Woocommerce Store Invest in these plugins and treat your business!