Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes In 2021

Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes in 2021

Today we’ll give you a round of the top 10 free responsive WordPress themes in 2021. Although creating websites through WordPress is a piece of cake and anyone can do it – but there are a few technical aspects, which need to be kept in mind. One of the most crucial elements is to look for a responsive WordPress theme. .

Sometimes, WordPress themes are designed by beginner developers. These themes have multiple bugs and aren’t supported by the WordPress community. To refrain from investing your valuable time in such amateur themes, we have composed a list of the top 10 free responsive WordPress themes in 2021.

Let’s take a deep dive into it:


The first one on the list of top 10 free responsive WordPress themes in 2021 is Neve. Why? Because it is multipurpose.  Experts suggest Neve be used by startups and entrepreneurs as it supports multiple niches.

The best part about Neve is that it was constructed after certain standards were set for WordPress themes. So you can totally trust Neve.

On top of that; Neve has a responsive design, which quickly loads across all devices. So it is device compatible and a responsive WordPress theme.

You can use 30+ ready-to-use sites that come along with WordPress. This can save your time and energy altogether.

Moreover, Neve is SEO-friendly. This means you do not have to worry about ranking. If you follow all SEO aspects correctly; you can be visible on the top searches of Google.

Other features include being eye-appealing, has price tablets, interesting effects like lazy loading, demos, and overlay content blocks.

Quick Review:

Multipurpose – suitable for startups and entrepreneurs,

Responsive across all devices,

Comes with 30+ ready to use sites,

SEO friendly,

Price tablets,

Interesting effects like lazy loading,

Overlay content blocks and demos


Another addition to the list of Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes In 2021 is OnePress. OnePress is recognized as a highly professional responsive WordPress theme for its modern and neat look. It is an ideal option for businesses and firms to showcase their website.

The overall look of the website is elegant and neat. This supports the businesses, and corporate sector to build a classy website for their business.

Another very important feature of OnePress is its responsiveness. This WordPress theme is highly responsive across all devices and delivers everything at express speed.

Moreover, OnePress is complemented with 2 custom-built slides to further scale the needs of the design. Also, the hero section has the ability to give a long-lasting impression to the website visitor, if you use it right.

The drooling parallax effect delivers a worthy user experience, which engages the user for a longer time. Also, OnePress owns Woocommerce support that makes it an ideal choice for e-commerce.

Quick Review:

Ideal for the corporate sector,

Elegant and neat look,

Responsive across all devices,

Comes with 2 custom-built slides,

Works at Express speed,

Drooling parallax effect,


Hestia is a reflection of Pinterest because of the minimal approach Hestia carries. This responsive WordPress theme has minimal ambiance, along with an artistic and voguish look – best suitable for online shops.

The most convincing part of Hestia is that it is Elementor and Gutenberg compatible, making it an ideal choice for e-commerce and WooCommerce.

The smooth scrolling adds more to the user experience. Being a responsive theme, scrolling doesn’t hang. Also, it comes with a full-width featured slider to leave a long-lasting impression on the viewer’s mind.

Live customizer in Hestia enables you to edit and preview the end results at the same time and thats why Its added Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes In 2021. This reduces the hassle of saving the entire editing, previewing it, and getting back to the editing again.

Moreover, Hestia is SendinBlue integrated. This means one can sign up for a newsletter or forms. Having several multipurpose demos is another very important feature in Hestia’s tool kit.

Quick Review:

Responsive WordPress theme,

Elementor and Gutenberg compatible,

Live customizer,

Several multipurpose demos

An ideal choice for e-commerce and WooCommerce,

Delivers best user experience,

SendinBlue integrated,

OnePage Lite:

OnePage Lite is a clutter-free WordPress theme, having minimum decorative elements on the page. The theme is based on the least design element, to give a neat and clean overlook of the website.  Each section of the website stands out because of the maximum space.

Parallax scrolling adds more points to the website visitor user experience. This type of effect keeps the user engages, and the user enjoys scrolling throughout the website.

Along with being a highly responsive WordPress theme, OnePage Lite is SEO-friendly too. This means, it almost fulfills the criteria of ranking on the search engines.

Moreover, with OnePage Lite you get a wide playground to play in terms of unlimited theme colors and customized content selection for the landing page.

Last but not the least; OnePage Lite is suggested for having WordPress Customizer permitted along with empowering the owner to drag and drop the widgets on the landing or home page.

Quick Review:

Uses minimal approach for design,



Parallax scrolling,

Unlimited themes,

WordPress Customizer permitted,


Just as the name puts stress on “Custom” – readers might get an idea that this WordPress responsive theme is customizable to a whole new level. In order to make it stand out, you can edit the web page design to a whole new extent.

Customify is easy to edit and use. This is the plus point. You can simply drag and drop the desired feature to edit the footer, header, and whatsoever.

Moreover, this responsive WordPress theme comes along with beautiful ready-to-made themes; adding more to the ease of the user.

Smart plugins like Elementor and Beaver Builder make the website building process a lot easier. The real-time visual editor allows the website builder to see how the website looks like after being edited. This makes the editing process smooth.

Along with being highly responsive; Customify is SEO friendly. So using this WordPress theme will never act as an obstacle when you wish to rank.

Quick Review:


Easy to customize,

SEO friendly,

Drag and drop editing,

Highly customizable,

Smart plugins,

Real-time visual editor,



A call to all magazines and blog owners! ColorMag is a neat and clean WordPress responsive theme, with a graceful look to make your blog stand out. By near; we do not refer to boring, but attractive. Also, you can adjust the color theme according to your blog niche or topic. So this means, it’s highly customizable.

The best part about ColorMag is that it does not has a beautiful overlook only; but it comes with cutesy buttons, a funky header and footer, and a lot more that make the website non-resistant.

Just like we said before; it’s best suitable for bloggers, hence social media icons allow you to link your social media accounts too.  Also, ColorMag is WooCommerce compatible, making it the best choice for E-commerce.

The layout of ColorMag is wide and in a rectangular shape. This makes your written blog prominent on the website. Moreover, the customized menu enables you to add options of your desire.

Here comes the most exciting part; along with 15 widget buttons, you have 5 additional widget buttons too that are customizable! Cool, right? Its the reason Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes In 2021

Quick Review:

Ideal for blogs and magazine,

Graceful and beautiful,

An ideal choice for E-commerce,

Wide and rectangular shape layout,

Customizable menu,

Social media buttons,

20 widget buttons


Zakra is listed among highly responsive Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes In 2021. It comes with a bunch of 10 demos in order to facilitate the website builder.

The interesting part about Zakra is that it is built using Elementor and Gutenberg. Both WordPress editors are known for altering the landscape of WordPress websites.

Furthermore, GDPR compliant in this responsive WordPress theme gives your website user the power to enable and disable cookies.

Alongside, Zakra is extremely easy to use. You can simply drag and drop the options in order to edit it. No technical information is required for using Zakra.

Along with being extra fast and responsive, Zakra’s overall look is very light. It uses a minimal approach that attracts the eyes.

7 widgets and multiple primary color options are another addition to the list of items that enhances the website look and feel.

Quick Review:

Comes along 10 demos,

Built using Elementor and Gutenberg,

Has GDPR compliant,

Easy to use,

Fast and responsive,


Comes along 7 widgets,

Variety of primary colors

Schema Lite:

Schema Lite is preferred by web designers and developers because it comes with 2 different color schemes i.e. dark and light. For darker version, it has a separate color pallet, while the lighter version comes with a different color scheme. So you get a variety of options.

Moreover, Schema Lite is AdSense approved and SEO-friendly. Of course, everyone wishes to rank on search engines, right?

Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes In 2021 it comes along with look gorgeous across all devices. It has a bunch of colorful background options. You do not have to worry about the entire feel of the website.

Besides, social media widgets keep the website audience connected to the social media pages of the website. This can be pretty helpful in increasing traffic on social media.

Quick Review:

2 different color scheme i.e. dark and light,

SEO friendly,

AdSense enabled,

Bunch of colorful background,

Social media widgets

AccessPress Parallax:

AccessPress Parallax responsive Top 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes In 2021 covers a wide range of niches, including corporate, business, real estate, online shop, creative, portfolio – whatsoever. Just as its name suggests “Parallax”, it has a creative scrolling effect that adds more points to the user experience.

Advanced post settings open more windows of options, making it easier for the website owner to give more options to the website user.

WooCommerce integration in AccessPress Parallax makes it an ideal choice for E-commerce businesses too. So we can say that AccessPress Parallax isn’t specific about the niche.

CSS3 animation plugin in this WordPress theme allows adding animation; which engages the user and makes your website stand out in the noise.

Sliders and headers add more to the overall ambiance of the website. Sliders have the ability to grab the audience, hence adding one to your website can be pretty beneficial.

Quick Review:

Suitable for wide niches,

Has parallax effect,

Modern and advanced settings,

WooCommerce integrated,

CSS3 animation plugin,

Have sliders and headers


Spacious is among those responsive WordPress themes that are less spacy and adheres to a minimal approach in order to give a neat impact on the viewer. However, the look of the website isn’t bland. It has colorful icons in order to maintain the appearance of the website.

The rectangular-boxed layout empowers you to give a long-lasting impression on the website visitor. It has 4 slides – each slide can be powerfully designed to make it eye-arresting.

Widgets enable the business to connect their social media with the website so the visitor can land directly on social media.

The variety of light and dark color schemes gives you a variety of options to choose from. The color palette of Spacious makes it stand in the limelight.

WooCommerce compatibility is another reason why Spacious is considered among the top 10 free responsive WordPress themes in 2021.

Quick Review:

Less spacy,


4 sliders,

Social media widgets,

Light and dark color schemes,

WooCommerce compatible