Is WordPress Developer A Good Career 2021?

Is WordPress developer a good career 2021?

Does everyone search nowadays like Is WordPress Developer A Good Career 2021? Well, let’s begin with facts and figures:

  • 14.7% world’s most top-notch websites are built using WordPress,
  • On average, a WordPress developer can make $60k,
  • WordPress powers 33% of the total websites, with number, still expected to grow,
  • Out of 1.3 billion 455,000,000 websites are built using WordPress,
  • Approximately 281 Woocommerce new shops are launched using WordPress every 24 hours,

Is WordPress Developer A Good Career 2021?

The stats shared above are pretty huge and alluring. However, there are a few things that a WordPress developer (especially a beginner) should be aware of. People search on google Is WordPress Developer A Good Career 2021?

When we talk about WordPress; we have a broad spectrum of types of WordPress developers varying one from another in regards to their duties and responsibilities. Below are are key features then you will get your answer Is WordPress Developer A Good Career 2021?

Core Developer – We call them, code changer. We all know, the real game of WordPress or any other website revolves around coding. The core developer is responsible to jump into codes and make changes; in order to make the website super-efficient.

Theme Developer – We call them artists; Why? Because theme developers use their aesthetic sense and design websites accordingly. Their in-depth knowledge about the niche, color theory, design, font, and other elements enables them to build user-friendly web design.

Plugin Developer – We call them website enhancers. To enhance your website functionality, plugin developers create plugins that best suit the website niche; add more points to the capabilities of the website.

Is WordPress Developer A Good Career 2021? :

  • Although we have multiple open CMS, why WordPress receives immense support from the audience worldwide? This is because; we have a gigantic community of WordPress developers with ground-breaking skills to help a beginner developer in case any bug is encountered.
  • Secondly, it has a huge room for creativity. WordPress comes with uncountable free themes and plugins which make it possible for WordPress developers to choose from an array of options.
  • The friendliness of SEO with WordPress is unquestionable and doesn’t require explanation. Every client would love to rank their website on search engines. They tend to go for WordPress and eventually look for someone who could develop their website on WordPress.
  • Who doesn’t want their website to be responsive across multiple devices? Everyone, right? Hence, WordPress-built websites are generally responsive across all devices. People want someone to build a website, which goes along with all devices.
  • Also, the WordPress team is constantly working 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to make it securer and safer. Every business owner wants a securer website – hence they hunt for WordPress developers to get them a safe and secure website.
  • Besides this, WordPress is extremely smooth to use. As a beginner at WordPress, you will get a huge supply of guidelines, support, tutorials, etc. You name it, and you have it. A newbie WordPress developer can build complex websites with super easy drag and drop options.
  • 98% of blogs are built using WordPress. This means 27,616,323 blogs are crafted using WordPress. This is a pretty convincing number.

If we’re confused before, by now you must have been convinced to adopt WordPress development as a career in 2021 – People search on google Is WordPress Developer A Good Career 2021? because it’s worth it. WordPress is considered an imperative career and no one can doubt that. You may begin your WordPress career as a freelancer, part-timer, or full-timer; because WordPress offers it all!