Easiest WordPress Themes to Customize

Easiest WordPress Themes to Customize

Using WordPress is like a double-edged sword – easy and difficult, at the same time. However, we have curated a list using expert opinions of the easiest WordPress themes to customize, despite being a pro or a beginner. WordPress themes contribute to the overall look and feel of a website. For this reason, the easiest WordPress theme to customize is the most sought-after query.

No longer are the days when technology was only for tech-savvy people. The emerging technology has now empowered non-tech people to use technology like pros. The list of easiest WordPress themes to customize is going to help a lot of non-computer savvy individuals.

Let’s have a look at Easiest WordPress Themes To Customize


DIVI is a go-to option for diversified business niches, encompassing all key elements.

Having sophisticated colors, being feature-rich, express-loading, highly responsive are the most convincing elements to use this theme.

DIVI is easy to learn and can be easily customized. It is known as so much easy that one does not even need to touch coding; because everything is ready to use.

The amount of flexibility it offers and powerful shortcodes is just too much persuasive. Also, this theme empowers the user to craft spectacular designs that make everyone turn around their heads.

DIVI supports drag and drop building, customized CSS control, instant preview, efficient text editing, unique page design options, and a lot more you can think of! 

Quick Review:

Covers diversified niches,

Unique page designs,

Efficient editing,

Instant preview,

Express loading and highly responsive,

Feature rich,

Easy to learn and use


Monstroid2 is recognized as retina-ready and easiest WordPress themes to customize for an expert or a newbie. This handy customizable theme comes with everything, one can dream of.

Monstroid2 has pre-designed sections, elementor page builder, non-replaceable functionality, stunning plugins, in-depth documentation, demands null coding knowledge and experience, supports one-tap download through the wizard, and anything else you could name.

Monstroid2 aims to serve a variegated list of purposes, including WooCommerce (chief purpose), appointments, hotel bookings, the construction sector, and event calendars.

You will be glad to know that this facile modifiable theme is an ideal choice for e-commerce.

Monstroid2 comes with 17 pre-built website designs, 7 modifiable header styles, and 4 modifiable blog layouts. The friendly support of its technical team is always there to pull you out of any challenges or difficulties you face with Monstroid2.

Quick Review:

Elemntor page builder,

Ideal for eCommerce,

Covers diversified niche,

17 pre-built website designs,

7 modifiable header styles,

4 modifiable blog layouts,



It is a multipurpose WordPress theme, which comes with 370 ready-to-use demos that explains you correct way of using Bridge; from scratch.

These friendly demos help in building a professional website for almost every niche including food, music, lifestyle, blog, a creative gallery, or whatever crosses your mind.

 Bridge empowers you to build such an appealing and strong website that will not be able to stop yourself from coming for more. It helps in turning your ideas into web pages. The process of crafting your dream landing page could never have been this smooth before – all thanks to Bridge.

The premium plugins that are zero of costs can take your website’s overall look to a whole new level. Bridge is highly responsive and gives you a fast loading experience. Lastly, it has fully integrated modules  to make the website building uncomplicated. You think of it, and the bridge will help you in building it.

Quick Review:

370 ready-to-use demos,

Serves multiple niches,

Easy to use,

Extremely creative templates,

Responsive and fast-loading,

Fully integrated modules,

Premium plugins


TheSimple is a particularly designed WordPress theme for bloggers or journalists who wish to give words to their thoughts.

However, do you know that WordPress was launched to entertain bloggers, journalists, and magazine owners? Latter with the continuously evolving technology, the CMS upgraded its uses.

TheSimple is a highly customizable WordPress theme that is WooCommerce compatible, highly responsive, has RTL, comes with detailed documentation, and offers life ajax search.

Building homepages would never have been this easy! By using the existing modules, one can easily create amazing homepages.

Being an eye-catching and visually appealing WordPress theme, TheSimple has the power to influence your position in the industry. By using TheSimple, you can easily stand out from the noise. The versatility it offers is unmatchable and much uncomplicated to use.

Quick Review:

Best suitable for magazines, journalists, and bloggers,

An ideal choice for WooCommerce,

Highly customizable,

Quick to respond,

Offers ajax search,



Themex is a multi-functional easiest WordPress theme to customize, which serves a wide range of purposes. It can be used for construction, real estate, sports, communication, business, IT solutions, etc.

Also, the drag and drop feature makes website building super easy and smooth. Once you have watched the demos, the crafting website is a piece of cake.

The best part about Themex is it is responsive and looks stunning across devices; including mobile phones, desktops, and laptops.

The team at the back-end keeps on striving to bring modern updates in the theme that meets the latest requirements of the era.

It comes with elementor page builder, GPL license, extensibility, versatility, and any other feature required for optimized performance.

Quick Review:

Fulfills an array of niches,

Drag and drop feature,

Information-rich demos,

Highly responsive,

GPL license,

Elementor page builder,

Team support


Imperion WordPress theme was intended to tailor-fit the needs of the business, accounting, and corporate sectors.

The testimonial section helps you to strengthen your social presence and credibility. Also, the portfolio section lets you showcase your previous successful projects, so you can flaunt your skills.

Moreover, imperion is extensively editable. You can either use the ready-to-use templates or built one yourself.

The best part is that Imperion is SEO-friendly, and supports Google maps. Social media buttons let the audience know about your social media handles.

It also has an eye-striking blog layout to persuade the audience to stick to the blog. Furthermore, you can allow the audience to sign up for your newsletter and daily updates.

Quick Review:

Best suitable for business, accounting, and corporate sector,

Features testimonial section,

Allows you to showcase portfolio,


Social media buttons integrated,

Eye-striking blog layout,

Supports Google map


Astra is one of among easiest WordPress themes to customize. It adheres to the mantra of a less-distractive website. The upcoming trend is to have websites with the least decorative elements a lot of negative space. This is exactly what you get in Astra; fast, spacious, and lightweight. It perfectly fits into the modern demand of minimal websites.

Apart from the overall look, hats off to Astra’s performance. It is extremely fast, and highly responsive across all devices. We all know, a good website should have a zippy loading time and quick responsiveness time.

Moreover, hundreds of eye-arresting templates await you in Astra. You do not have to rampage around for making the website appear beautiful.

The drag and drop feature in this easiest WordPress theme to customize benefits non-tech-savvy audiences. Everyone can use it – even beginners.

Quick Review:

Fast, spacious, and lightweight,

Follows minimalist approach,

Zippy loading time,

Quick responsiveness time,

Comes with many eye-arresting templates,

Easy to use

Closing Thoughts –

A few years back, constructing a website looked like a monster. But gradually, the evolution of technology made website-building a smooth slope to follow. WordPress is an open CMS, where you can explore millions of easiest WordPress themes to customize. People have been using WordPress themes and modifying them accordingly, for a long time. It is a great support to beginners who wish to have their own website. WordPress makes their dream come true.

The above-shared list of easiest WordPress themes to customize is a few options, but the most common one! We hope the list will save you from the hassle of choosing the correct WordPress theme according to your niche. Happy website building!