Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial Blog

Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial Blog

Choose a spectacular and eye-arresting financial website from the list of the Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial blog. When you have so many options in the WordPress theme market, it becomes a challenge to choose one for yourself – which has team support, is responsive, offers a broad spectrum for customization, and best suits your business needs.

One point from which all financial advisors and businessmen would agree is that you need to deliver value and professionalism in any communication with your audience. Website is an important pathway of communication, which should look clean, neat and has minimal elements to minimize distraction.

Have a look at these cherry-picked financial blogs WordPress themes, to solid start your website:

Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial Blog

Mentry – Loan and Financial WordPress Theme:

We have no competitor to Mentry when it comes to Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial Blog. This is because Mentry has a minimal approach, with the least frictional elements on the website. The overall look of Mentry is designed in such a way that it arrests the eyes and mind of the viewer. One wants to dig in to know more about the website.

The smooth installation and setup process makes it the go-to option for financial and accounting blog purposes. Also, the support it owns for 600+ typography fonts is another reason to invest in this WordPress theme.

Moreover, no one wishes to lose their target market, right? Mentry is responsive and delivers fast speed across all devices including phones, desktops, iPad, laptops, etc.

Mentry is recognized for being feature and customization-rich. It has a lot of options and widgets that can be placed anywhere, on the screen for your target market convenience. Widgets empower a business to inset external links and increase traffic on other platforms too.

An array of color options makes it attractive to people of all age groups. Using the relevant color theme, you can make the website catchy for children or adults.

Besides this, Mentry being SEO friendly is another very important trait we cannot miss on!

Quick Review:

Eye-arresting layout,

Smooth installation and set up,

Supports for 600+ typography fonts,

Responsive across all devices,

Feature and customization rich,



Astra supports and empowers financial and accounting sites to flourish and empower to grow to the maximum. It doesn’t limit your growth, which is probably the best part about Astra.

You must be wondering what’s so special about Astra – well it is special!

Astra can create websites in one click – okay; in just a few clicks! The website creating process is like a smooth slope that penetrates the website building process itself!

Moreover, Astra is recognized for delivering unmatchable speed. When we mention “unmatchable”, we mean it! Its customizer loading speed is 694 milliseconds, which was formerly 3.83 seconds. A huge improvement, thou.

Besides speed, Astra comes with Native AMP Support. Needless to say, we all know the importance of AMP support especially when it comes to Google ranking. Many WordPress themes lack this feature but Astra embraces it. and that’s the reason why Astra is fall in Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial Blog.

Also, Astra has cut down many steps by having Breadcrumb Support. You no more have to bear the hassle of using a third-party plugin, adding custom code, bringing a child theme, and everything you need!

Adding to it, we have often encountered people praising Astra for the extraordinary experience it delivers.

Quick Review:

Builds website in a few clicks,

Delivers unmatchable speed,

Comes with Native AMP Support,

Has Breadcrumb Support,

Delivers extraordinary experience,


OceanWP is just like as its name suggests; Ocean! Why? Because it comes with an ocean of features! Let’s take a deep dive into its feature list.

First of all, OceanWP is bilingual; this means it supports multiple languages. In case you need a website in German or any other language; OceanWP got your back! Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial Blog for sure

Secondly, OceanWP supports E-commerce or WooCommerce. It has a lot of features and room for customization. You will see animated carts floating and other animated elements to make the website eye-catching. Quick mode review adds more to the customer experience.

Furthermore, OceanWP comes along with 20+ plugin extensions that add more points to the styling and overall look of the website. However, you need to purchase a few extensions that are premium but worthy. But OceanWP has 13 premium plugins that don’t require charges to be used.

We call OceanWP a hub of customization because sidebars, footers, headers, and all other elements can be placed and customized. Pages margins and logo placement can be customized too!

Quick Review:

Bilingual; knows many languages,

Ideal for E-commerce too,

Comes along with 20+ plugin extensions,

Has 13 premium plugins

Sidebars, footers, headers placement can be customized


Fincorp is a multi-purpose theme but best suitable for financial blogs and accounting websites. Overall the website look is alluring and attractive that engages the website user to use the website more. The flexibility it offers gives room for customization.

It has W3C validate code and is responsive across multiple browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE10, IE9, and IE11. This is one of the most key reasons to go for Fincorp over other WordPress themes.

Also, Fincorp has 800+ Google fonts to make the font on your website appealing. Needless to say but fonts play a crucial role in catching the attention of the audience.

A real-time Fincorp customizer helps the website editor to have a quick preview of the changes made without leaving the page. This is the most helpful feature while building the website. It adds more points to the ease of the website editor.

We all know, SEO friendly websites have higher chances of ranking on search engines i.e. Google. You’ll be glad to know that Fincorp is SEO-friendly; which means higher chances for ranking on Google and Its the Best Free WordPress Theme For Financial Blog

Manageable navigation, drop-down menus, and other options like these are other very interesting features of Fincorp.

It also features an easy installation and setup process to give leverage to the website editor.

Quick Review:

Beautiful and attractive layout,

Responsive across all browsers,

Quick preview option,


Has manageable navigation and drop-down menus,

Easy to install and setup